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Specifically to my publication? Honestly, I don’t really have a convincing argument about following me specifically, unless my writing touches your heart in some way; if that’s the case, go ahead and subscribe.

Decentralize the Internet

However my argument for subscribing to publications in general is that as time has gone on, the web is increasingly becoming more centralized. I’m not sure if it could even get worse at this point, as the biggest social media companies (Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.) have created an online ecosystem that keeps us away from personal websites and forces us to receive all of our information with them as the middle man.

If you don’t know why this isn’t good, let’s just say it makes it very easily to manipulate a population. When you subscribe to a publication (or donate to Wikipedia, even!!) you’re taking a stand against this.

Context over Consumption

Another benefit to subscribing to a publication is that you’re supporting people who have taken the time to flesh out information and provide context. Perhaps not in my case as I mostly write poetry, but there are a lot of amazing authors on this platform that take their time to create for you. This is not catering to an algorithm wherein you consume content, it’s embodying thoughtful discussion and mindful digestion ;)

The algorithmic structure of Social Media Internet™ (as I like to call it) shortens our attention spans, and does not empower us to contextualize the information that we consume. Basically when you support writers on platforms like this, you are engaging in a more thoughtful practice, much like reading a book. That whole book is dedicated towards a topic, provides context, and gives you a start and finish.

On Social Media Internet™, we consume mindlessly without context to supply meaning to what we’re consuming… creating misunderstandings, encouraging the spread of misinformation, and generating infighting.

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